DVD ownership labeling

Karen Gorss Benko (Karen.Gorss.Benko@williams.edu)
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 10:34:12 -0700 (PDT)


I joined videolib recently and don't remember seeing this thread. I hope I'm not
repeating any of it, but I have to ask: Did you point out to these people that
while a DVD may be inexpensive, the time spent cataloging it is not? I spend
much more time than I would like to cataloging replacement videos (DVD and
cassette) because the new item is not an exact match of the broken/stolen/worn
out one. This is in direct contrast to books, which are rarely reissued (with
enough changes to require a new bib record) more than once a decade. And, new or
replacement, most videos require more work to catalog than most books. Add this
to the fact that in proportion to collection size, DVDs are probably stolen more
often than books are, and the choice is clear.

Again, apologies for the inevitable repetition, and I do acknowledge that this
is a decision you don't agree with. Just trying to give you any more rhetorical
ammo that I possibly can, in case it's not too late!


"Tatar, Becky" wrote:

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> Also, thank you to all who answered my question on ownership labeling for
> DVDs. The general decision was - not to. Not my opinion, but someone kept
> forcefully stating that "dvd's cost less than books, why are we doing
> something for the 2% of the people who will steal. Ownership labels are
> just another 1-2 steps for something that may not even cost $15." Grrrrr.
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