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Gee, either Madison, Wisconsin has fallen far, far behind the times or all
of the anime fans there are horribly retro, but I have yet to see a store
that has more anime on DVD than VHS. These changes often take place
regionally and are predicated on the level of saturation new technologies
achieve. Obviously this doesn't happen at the same rate everywhere. I'm
going to Chicago in the next week or two, so perhaps I'll be struck dumb(er)
by the preponderance of anime on DVD and the dearth of same on VHS. There's
still a chance that DVDs will conquer the world in the same way that DAT and
quadrophonic audio did, but when major national retailers drop a technology
that is often the death knell for that product. Which means I should be
able to find all those titles I've been looking for in the discount bins!
Watermelon Man here I come! Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah, where are you?
I just hope my clunky old VHS machines don't go the way of my Beta player.

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In the US many of the companies licensing anime have stopped releasing VHS
at all. Those that do often do so only for select titles and then only the
English re-dubbed versions. In this case it has largely been a response to
the massive switch to DVD which many anime fans did years ago.

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