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Hi Becky, all:

We posted the following newsbrief on Video Librarian Online on March 26:

"DVD Only?
Recent announcements from A&E and Fox Home Video suggest that the DVD
revolution is not only well under way, but is--in some areas--complete.
A&E's Peter Gunn, Sets 1 & 2 ($3.95 each), Blake Edwards' popular '50s
series starring Craig Stevens as the hard-boiled dick, debuts on DVD only
this week, while Fox Home Entertainment has slated DVD only releases for
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Second Season ($59.98, coming June
11) and The Simpsons: The Complete Second Season ($49.98, coming July 23).
Series and catalog titles will be the first to arrive as DVD only releases,
but look for ever more new titles to bypass VHS in the future."

Over the past six months, some of the studios have shifted from sending VHS
screeners to press to DVD only...another sign, to me, that VHS's days may be
more numbered than we think.



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> Actually, I wondered about this when I saw a news item this winter in
> Librarian - I think it was the online newsbriefs - that some company - I
> want to say Acorn, but someone who does A&E type series - was releasing
> titles in DVD only. (this sounds so delightfully vague!)
> Also, thank you to all who answered my question on ownership labeling for
> DVDs. The general decision was - not to. Not my opinion, but someone
> forcefully stating that "dvd's cost less than books, why are we doing
> something for the 2% of the people who will steal. Ownership labels are
> just another 1-2 steps for something that may not even cost $15." Grrrrr.
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