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The effect you're referring to is basically achieved by altering the
camera's shutter speed (to between 45 or 90)allowing in this case for a
shorter exposure time for each frame, which reduces motion blur giving a
kind of "staccato" effect - it was first really used in a popular movie in
the Omaha Beach sequence in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN where it was partly done to
recreate the look of the look of the photographs and newsreels of the time,
trying to replicate the lower shutter speed of the newsreel cameras of the

You can read an article about it at this address:,7220,30430,00.html


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> Okay videolibbers - this isn't actually a video title distribution
> question; it's more of a "how they did it" film 101 class question. I'm
> wondering how the filmakers accomplished a particular special effect. The
> effect first turned up in Gladiator, then I just recently saw it in The
> Bourne Identity. They both occur in all the fight scenes - the frames
> appear to be moving at slightly slower speed but the image clarity seems
> be more accute. While the film speed seems slower, it isn't slow motion,
> but the visual sequence appears slightly segmented or broken, not a smooth
> flow. Any idea of film speed - is this a digital effect? What is this
> technique called? Thanks for the help.
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