Re: VCD and DVD

Gilles Poitras (
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:46:26 -0700 (PDT)

My personal Sony and Sampo players both play VCD with no trouble.

For PCs it often depends on software rather than hardware.

VCD quality is often poor, lower than many VHS releases. It is also often
used by video pirates.

This morning I reported 12 retailers who were selling bootleg VCD and DVD
titles to the rights holders.

At 9:20 AM -0700 6/13/02, chia-ching chang wrote:
>I don't know whether a VCD produced in China can be played on a DVD player
>commonly available in the U.S. or on a PC (Window 98 with a
>CD player). Maybe a special kind of machine is required. Any one would
>be willing to answer this? Thanks.
>Chia-Ching Chang

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