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How about "A Family Gathering"
Five days after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the FBI arrested Masuo
Yasui, a 30-year U.S. resident, as a potentially dangerous enemy alien. This
personal documentary is the odyssey of the filmmaker, Masuo's granddaughter,
to recover her family's history from self-imposed silence. Knitting together
family photos, home movies, newsreels and interviews, Lise Yasui traces her
grandfather's life as a successful Isei (first-generation Japanese American)
businessman in Hood River, Oregon, to his incarceration in a New Mexico
detention camp. Relatives recall the trauma of anti-Asian sentiment, the
loss of property and their own confinement in concentration camps. At war's
end, the Yasui family was reunited and began the laborious task of
rebuilding their lives. Masuo became active in providing support services to
the Japanese-American community but, sadly, could not overcome the wounds to
his self-esteem inflicted by the U.S. government.
Producers, Lise Yasui, Ann Tegnell ; director, writer, Lise Yasui.

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> Hello all:
> One of our faculty members is looking for films that can be used as
> examples of oral history. One example she mentioned was "Rosie the
> Riviter".
> Any thoughts about other examples? All suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Kim