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Here're a few faves that might do:

Tiny & Ruby: Hell Divin' Women.
This tribute profiles the jazz trumpeter Ernestine
"Tiny" Davis, and her
lesbian partner of 40 years, drummer Ruby Lucas (aka
Renee Phelan).
Includes interviews with Tiny and Ruby in their Chicago
home, archival
material, lively musical performances, and narration by
poet Cheryl Clarke.

Hot Pepper.
A film by Les Blank. Documents the life and music of
Black zydeco-blues
accordionist Clifton Chenier. Captures the sources of
his music in the lives
and culture of southwest Louisiana's urban and rural
Blacks. With some captions. Flower Films

The Blues Accordin' to Lightnin' Hopkins: The Sun's Gonna Shine.
A film by Les Blank. Focuses on blues singer Lightnin'
Hopkins, who reveals
the inspiration for his blues. Captures, through
Hopkins' words and songs,
the Black culture of Texas which reaches back to
poverty, hard times, and a
deep love of the land. 31 min. Flower Films

The Exiles.
Interviews: Bruno Bettelheim, Billy Wilder, Fritz Lang,
Rod Steiger, Alfred
Eisenstaedt, Robert Motherwell, Edward Teller, Hans
Bethe, Erich
Leinsdorf, Hanna Holborn Gray, Lotte Lenya, Dolly Haas,
Thomson, Franco Modigliani, Nuria Schoenberg Nono,
Helen Wolff,
Wolfgang Roth, James Redfield, Hans Sahl, Hans Jonas,
Ralph Lerner,
Ernest Dichter, Adolph Lowe, Leo Lowenthal, Hans
Speier, Henry
Ehrmann, Peter Selz, Mario Salvadori, Golo Mann (son of
Thomas Mann),
Albert Hirschman, Hajo Holborn, Felicia Deyrup,
Christian Zimmer, Hannah
Arendt, Walter Gropius, Jacques Lipchitz. Personal
narratives of refugees
from National Socialism are interspersed with
historical film clips and
reinactments. Examines the influence of these refugee
scholars and artists on
the U.S. since 1933. 1993. 117 min. Video/C 4616

Quilts in Women's Lives.
Seven contemporary quiltmakers, among them a California
Mennonite, a
Black Mississippian, and a Bulgarian immigrant talk
about their art, its
importance in their lives, and how it is influenced by
their daily experiences.
1981. 28 min.

The Maestro: King of the Cowboy Artists.
An examination of the work and philosophy of California
cowboy artist,
Gerald Gaxiola, who defies categorization but works in
the medium of
painting, blockprints, sculptures, music and
entertainment. Film shows
Gaxiola performing on stage and reviews an astonishing
array of his works
including paintings inspired by Vincent Van Gogh,
ceramic Cadillacs,
landscapes, color block prints of Berkeley landmarks,
cowboy clothing he
has designed, the designing and construction of his
"bunk house", and
concludes with a visit to the annual celebration of
Maestro Day, held at
Albany High School, California. c1988. 28 min.: Flower

Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice.
Biography in political and social context of Yuri
Kochiyama, an Asian
American woman and humanitarian civil rights activist
who first became
aware of social injustice in the United States during
her time in a
Japanese-American interment camp during World War II.
She stresses the
need for members of all races and ethnicities to work
together for common
goals, and for a fundamental change in political power
structures. Includes
interviews with Kochiyama and with members of her
family. 58 min.
Video/C 4542 NAATA

Sewing Woman.
This film is based on a collection of oral histories
about the life of Zem Ping
Dong, and other immigrants like her, who worked in
America's garment
factories over the past 30 years. 14 min. NAATA

Shoah: A Film.
Directed by Claude Lanzmann. One of the greatest
Holocaust films of all
time. Interviews with death-camp survivors and Nazi
functionaries. Shows
present-day view of some of the concentration camps.
Interviewees speak in
their own language with a French translation with
English subtitles. Originally
produced as motion picture in 1985. 5 videocassettes,
570 min. Video/C

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>Any thoughts about other examples? All suggestions are welcome.

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