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jon aubrey (
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 10:26:17 -0700 (PDT)

In our catalog (and on our shelves) the foreign
film tiles are also only accessible with the article
in the title first, El Norte, La Strada, Le Bal, etc.
Seems to me these titles should be accessible with or
without the article, Norte or El Norte, etc. That
would solve the problem, wouldn't it? I believe others
have proposed practical solutions to this problem
By the way, we do have an old, and I assume legal
copy of El Norte in our collection and it still
circulates regularly. Patrons with Central American
backgrounds who I have spoken to about the film say
that it is one of the best films out there about the
Central American legal/illegal immigrant experience. I
would urge all of you out there to acquire copies of
this film once it is made available in a non-bootleg
version. Until then, these titles are also great, and
well liked by many Hispanic patrons I've talked to:
Men With Guns, The City (La Ciudad), Bread And Roses.

Jon A.
Queens, NY

> hi all, we use the Innovative online catalog.
recently, when searching our catalog for "El Norte" i
found that the system will not access the title by
"El" Norte -- only when you search by "Norte". Same
for "La Boheme", "La Strada", "El Cid", etc. Now, i
understand that we always drop the article when
searching by title, but i don't think people
necessarily consider that when finding foreign titles.
Our catalogers say that this is just the way it has to
be, and that we need to either have patrons search by
keyword, or educate them better, but i think this is
ridiculous. Hell, when i search for these titles on it comes up easily...
How do people search in your catalogs? you can
respond directly to me if you wish...
Rhonda Rosen
Loyola Marymount University

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