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<< brownoseing >>

Should that be hyphenated or compounded? Jessica, you're just so subtle!

My favorite is that Kino's "Queen Kelly" was one of the 400 nominated.
(Something I worked on while at Kino.) As I pointed out in another group,
here's the plot line for a film the AFI nominated as one of the most
passionate films of all time:

Prince lusts for convent girl.
Kidnaps said girl from said convent.
Tries to seduce her with aphrodesiacs.
Cigar-smoking queen/fiancee catches them
Queen takes whip to girl, driving her from palace.
Girl attempts suicide.
Saved, she travels to Africa (Poto-Poto) to work at Aunt's brothel
Girl is forced to marry syphillitic plantation owner over death bed of aunt,
with two prostitutes as maids of honor.
Girl becomes the Madam of brothel, now known as Queen Kelly.
Husband, annoyed at her, offers Kelly to the customers.
Prince arrives in time to save her from gigantic sailor.

Gee, I hope it wins!

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