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I second that emotion.

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My initial reaction is oh! puhleeeze, not again. I refuse to watch young
contemporary actors perform the part of film historian with "insight" into
a film, describing in detail a scene that means so much to them
"personally". I hope that they were at least sent a clip of the film with
their script... But then, I'm always in a minority. I'd rather see the
gaffer who worked on Casablanca talk about his experiences on the film
than to see Ozzie Osbourne talk about his choice for a romantic evening.

On the other hand, I think, well, that's not so bad, if it means that some
person out there, who hasn't watched a film older than from the period when
the/she was old enough to make a movie selection, decides to maybe seek out
an older film based on a recommendation from a popular celebrity. If they
saw the Casablanca gaffer, they'd switch to another channel.

But, on the third hand, enough is enough, what's next? 100 years, 100

Sorry about the rant.