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Jeffrey Clark (
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 11:00:58 -0700 (PDT)

I'll second Jessica's recommendation under the circumstances. A few months
back, I bought this Italian edition of The Leopard/Il Gattopardo (for
myself) from another Italian site, (where it was
*slightly* pricer than it is now at her alternate site). You may need help
or patience to struggle with the Italian when ordering, but more English
starts showing up once you get to the payment/credit card pages... ;) At
any rate, I had a good, dependable experience in receiving this and a few
other Italian discs I ordered.

On the whole the DVD is a beautifully done restoration of this classic
film--although the typical multistandard/region player may compromise the
visuals a bit (I have a Malata for home use, and it seems to).

Whatever the reasons, Fox is being totally foolish about this film. I
understand the cut, English-dubbed version they originally released in the
U.S. has been shown on cable TV, even recently... but Visconti's original
should be available worldwide. It's perhaps his greatest film, and one of
the greatest ever made.

I won't obtain a copy for my media center collection in this form, however.
Don't want to deal with the practical consequences of making it playable on
campus, and explainable to borrowers who insist on not listening to caveats
and want to check it out regardless!


--On Tuesday, June 11, 2002 10:36 AM -0700 Jessica Rosner
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> Normally I don't encourage these things but since Fox which owns THE
> LEOPARD in the US is dumber than dirt about making it available and it is
> one the GREATEST MOVIES EVER made, here is a tip. It is being released in
> Italy on REGION 2 DVD WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES . For those of you that have
> Region Two players you can buy it from which is some kind
> of Italian DVD planet. If I felt the film would be made available soon in
> the US I would say wait it out but this is a perfectly legal copy so long
> as you use it on Region 2 compatible player
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