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Dear Pat,

Facing Anger (21 min., 1999 release, for situations in the workplace),
available from Corvision---

Managing Anger (39 min., 1999 release), available from Shirah---
W. R. Shirah, Distributor, Tel. 804-745-1877

Why Are You So Angry? (34 min., 1991 release), available from Kinetic--
Kinetic Video, Tel 800-466-7631

You may ask for free preview copies. Managing Anger is most used by our
patron among the three videos listed above.


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Does anyone have any recommendations for videos on these topics that would
be suitable for college students? I've found the Standard Deviants title on
personal finance and anger mgt from Growth Central and GTR Video--what else
might be good.
Many thanks,
Pat McGee

Patricia B. McGee
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