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Sorry - my bad linguistics - I meant to say 10 per year in the next 5 years
to start a collection and see if we can make it fly.
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> > If a small public library was going to add ten silents to it's
> > for the next 5 years - what titles do you think they should add?
> > Barb Read
> > Marysville Public Library
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> Barbara:
> I could come up with a list and we could all debate it BUT I think it is
> that even a small library would only plan on ten silent films in 5 years (
> two a year) Silent films get kind of a double whammy, first you have the
> MASSIVE prejudice in libraries towards ANY non- print material and than
> when libraries DO collect non-print material they seem to be under
> heightened pressure to stick almost exclusively to "popular" stuff.
> Basically if I told a library they could only buy two books of poetry per
> year or two videos in a foreign language I assume they would be aghast but
> this is pretty much how silent films are treated. Among the best silent
> films ever made that HAVE been released legally on video are Von
> DOCKS OF NEW YORK, Murnau's FAUST, Vidor's SHOW PEOPLE, Reiniger's THE
> ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED ( I picked this list since each film is under
> copyright and released by a different company). How many people on this
> have all of these in their collections? If not do you have ANY of the
> I would ESTIMATE that there are no more 600 good quality VHS/DVDs of
> good silent films out there, there are maybe another 600 LEGAL copies of
> either minor films or lesser quality ( No comment on the huge number of
> bootleg silents) so you are not talking about a massive number of titles
> from my admittedly obsessed point of view.
> If Public & University libraries adverted 10 silent films PER YEAR, ( and
> did not all buy the same ten titles) it would undoubtedly make it possible
> for many great silent films to be released that will otherwise languish
> lack of interest.
> Skip than 25th copy of HARRY POTTER and LORD OF THE RINGS and buy a silent
> film. You might be opening a whole new world to your patrons
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