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John Holland (
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 07:03:25 -0700 (PDT)

We have been circulating DVD's for about a year now, and there have been relatively few problems. The shelves where they are kept are clearly marked "DVD", and any signs we have regarding circualtion policy we have made ourselves on a
PC. I haven't heard any complaints about patrons trying to play them in CD players (they can play in some PCs however): the only problem that has come up from someone putting a DVD in something other than a DVD player is one that
someone put in a microwave oven! (The patron couldn't understand why we made her pay for it!). That said, the latest stack of DVD's on my desk to be run through the RTI machine have comments like: "freezes at 131 minutes" (the film only
lasts 112 minutes); "does not play, makes funny noises"; "this DVD has no sound"; etc. Who knows what people are doing with them, but at least most are not permanently damaged.

Renee Zurn wrote:

> We will start circulating DVD's at the Duluth Public Library next month and I am currently looking at signs to mark where we have the collection and to explain our policy - 2 per person, need to pickup disc at Circ desk at checkout.
> It has been suggested that I also need to add something to clarify that DVDs are not CD's and only play on a DVD player. I think that is obvious but might be wrong. What has been your experience with your DVD collection?
> Also, does anyone know of a smaller poster about DVDs that I could use to mark the area where we will shelf the cases? The actual DVDs will be behind the Circ desk and placed in the cases at checkout.
> Thanks for any advise.
> Renee Zurn
> Duluth Public Library
> 520 W. Superior St.
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