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..and check out from Women Make Movies the following heavy-needle faves...

Skin and Ink: Artists and Collectors.
Increasing numbers of women are choosing to become
tattooed. This
documentary looks at both women who have tattoos and
those who create
them, revealing motives for becoming heavily tattooed,
as well as some of
the social repercussions. 1990. 28 min.


Stigmata: The Transfigured Body
Stigmata is a riveting look at body modification such
as tattooing, cutting,
piercing and branding, practices which are becoming
increasingly popular
amongst women. Although these activities are considered
radical, the
videotape suggests that they are no more physically
radical than cosmetic
surgery; and these women are transforming their bodies
against conventional
stereotypes of femininity rather than to conform to
them. Stigmata explores
concepts of beauty, self-determination and the outer
limits of female
sexuality. c1992. 27 min.
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