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Thu, 23 May 2002 10:39:41 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Jessica, dear videolibbers,

don't worry about TRANSIT. This is hard core german bureaucracy. We have
a lot of this kind of red tape in our country. In the past they were not
very much engaged in promoting german silent films in Germany and
consequently they are not engaged in checking bootlegs. We have to buy
all our films dating from the silent era in Germany from abroad, mainly
the U.S. because they are not available on the german market. Perhaps
DVD changes the situation.

For those who are interested in the different FILM versions of
Metropolis check out this site (it's in french, but you can compare the
lengths of the different versions)
Here is a cutting list of these versions ("Standard" means the infamous
U.S. version):

Here is some information about different VIDEO versions of Metropolis

We offer 3 versions in our library: Moroder version (88 min.),
Patalas=Munich version (which is a serious restoration project of the
Munich Film Museum - 116 min.) and a british version from EUREKA (139
min.) which seems to be the infamous one and which is longer only
because of lower speed. See here

The Koerber version from the Berlin Film Museum, (see english
text below)
which is the most complete and best version is not yet available on VHS
or DVD. I suppose the KINO version will be the Koerber restoration. Here
is the respective UNESCO Memory of the World Register

By the way the respectable Munich version restored by Enno Patalas is
available in France on DVD and VHS and can be recommended in any case.
(PAL/Region Code 2 with 2 music versions: Gottfried Huppertz and
Galeshka Moravioff, the editor of this DVD).

With kind regards
Peter Delin/Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin

Jessica Rosner schrieb:
> ALL The Current Versions are Bad and in fact all are also ILLEGAL
> Kino just signed a deal to release the real & restored on VHS & DVD but it
> will not be till early 2002. We are releasing in THEATERS first beginning on
> July 28 in New York
> Frankly we JUST signed the contract and the owners of the film , Transit
> Films of Germany did NOTHING to stop the oodles of bootleg copies anyway
> Needless to say we will but it is going to take a LONG time to get rid of
> them. I suspect most of the PD companies releasing them, don't know and
> don't want to know it is illegal. The WORST by far is the DVD out from
> MADACY an EVIL, BOOTLEG company that releases Lots and lots of illegal films
> in very bad quality
> so please be patient and wait till around January and you will be able to
> get a restored print which has been a major project for a decade or more
> Alas parts of the film from its very FIRST release in 1927 are lost forever
> but the version runs around 148 minutes and has the ORIGINAL orchestral
> score
> Jessica
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> Jessica Rosner
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> > There seem to be a billion versions of Lang's Metropolis available. Which
> > one is considered the best? (i.e. best print, transfer, and preferably w/o a
> > rock score). It appears that the only DVD version available is awful, so I
> > guess I'll have to go with VHS. Anyone know of plans to release a decent
> > DVD?
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> > Thanks as always!
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