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Nell J Chenault (
Tue, 21 May 2002 15:21:04 -0700 (PDT)

We have had faculty use clips of the Narrows Bridge in physics lectures,
atomic bombs in sculptures and video installations, and interviews and
footage in a history of social work class web site - (local streaming).

Most of our use is by students for class projects. They use the footage in
anything from a "news broadcast" to sculpture. The biggest users are School
of the Arts Communications, Arts, and Design (graphic arts and advertising)
and Film students. They also pull stills and audio off the footage. I do
orientations for 200 and 300 level filmmaking classes highlighting this and
other production collections. The instructors like the students to use this
footage for convenience and license reasons. We promote production
collections such as our sound effect, slide, and video footage on our web
site (which needs updating this summer). We have the Video Encyclopedia on
laserdisc, so there is some resistance from the current crop of students.
There are still laserdisc players in some campus labs, but they often need
to sample the discs in the media center. We recently added the ITN/Reuters
Stock Footage Library on video from Films for the Humanities.

Nell Chenault
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Diane Sybeldon wrote:

> I am curious what videolibbers know about this series,
> and what use the cassettes or laser discs have been put to
> by faculty, and also what happened to CEI (Corporation for Entertainment
> and Learning)
> the company that distributed the cassettes and laser discs.
> Any info would help -
> thanks...
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