Re: Current situation? "Color of Fear"

Brigid Duffy (
Tue, 21 May 2002 13:00:53 -0700 (PDT)

I remember seeing a note on the Stir Fry Seminars webpage
( that the dispute had been resolved.

Incidentally, the pricing on "Color of Fear" is now $1,210 for
corporations, $460 educational, $220 for small non-profits and $110 for

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>A few years ago, there was a discussion on this list about the "odd"
>business practices of Mun Wah Lee ("Color of Fear") and his Stir Fry
>Productions. The only message I saved from that thread was one from Gary
>Handman on 5/5/98, when he forwarded Wendy Cutler's boycott alert.
>At that time I felt safely immune from the situation, because no faculty
>members here were asking for that video. Well, now someone wants it, and
>I'm wondering whether there's any recent information about the situation
>between Mun Wah Lee and his cast members. Our faculty tends to be very
>socially conscious, so if there's still any controversy I believe they'd
>like to know about it. However, I certainly won't pass along 4-year-old
>If there's something new on the internet, could you please steer me toward
>it? Or just a brief comment from anyone in-the-know would be a big help.
>Thanks in advance.
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