Re: Current situation? "Color of Fear"

Susan Albrecht (
Tue, 21 May 2002 09:00:19 -0700 (PDT)

Gary & all,
I agree that $460 is absolutely an outrageous price for this...but we did
pay it in October of 2000. Since 5 faculty members were clamoring for it,
I did what I had to do. As you say, though, Caveat Emptor. At least at
that time, they sent out this ridiculous agreement you're supposed to sign,
requiring that you agree not to lend it to any other institution, that you
use it only in official classes of your institution (as opposed to
something like a faculty seminar), etc., etc. If I recall correctly, our
Head Librarian read it, *crossed out* a section he would not agree to, and
sent it back. They still sent the video. Perhaps you could consider the
same tactic if you find the agreement to be onerous.

Susan at Wabash College

At 08:40 AM 5/21/02 -0700, Gary Handman wrote:
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>I notice that NVR (National Video Resources--a group that I trust
>implicitly) lists Color of Fear in their Viewing Race collection (see
>The price of the work is, however, listed on the NVR web site at $460--a
>price I consider usurous and totally unjustified for this particular video.
>In any case, the address and contact info for Stir Fry Productions is
>listed on the NVR site. Caveat Emptor.

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