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Chris is right...the collection should be re-entitled "History's
Justifiably Forgotten Moments"... When I was trying to scare up dough to
score this set, I showed it to a few venerable history faculty who choked,
spluttered, and let the room in a huff (or maybe, as Groucho would have
said, it was a minute and a huff).

Nonetheless...for students (and others) trolling for images to crank into
multimedia projects, it's pretty cool.

At 02:19 PM 5/20/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>Around here we call it the "Outtakes of the 20th Century". We have this
>series and though it has many clips of obscure and entertaining events, it
>falls short when it comes to locating the better known clips one might
>expect to find. For instance, with the Hindenberg disaster, one sees the
>Hindenberg pull up to its mooring and then its on the ground burnt to a
>crisp. No footage of the explosion. Another favorite is the footage of
>Kruschev at the UN when he banged his shoe on the desk. In the Video
>Encyclopedia you get to see Kruschev acting agitated and pounding the desk
>with his fist but not his shoe. There are also a couple of discs full of
>animals doing tricks.
>This set did get some use when we first bought it ten years ago but it has
>dwindled over the last several years.
>As I recall this set cost several thousand dollars and in my opinion it
>simply wasn't worth it.
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>I am curious what videolibbers know about this series,
>and what use the cassettes or laser discs have been put to
>by faculty, and also what happened to CEI (Corporation for Entertainment
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>the company that distributed the cassettes and laser discs.
>Any info would help -
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