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Mon, 20 May 2002 14:19:33 -0700 (PDT)

Around here we call it the "Outtakes of the 20th Century". We have this
series and though it has many clips of obscure and entertaining events, it
falls short when it comes to locating the better known clips one might
expect to find. For instance, with the Hindenberg disaster, one sees the
Hindenberg pull up to its mooring and then its on the ground burnt to a
crisp. No footage of the explosion. Another favorite is the footage of
Kruschev at the UN when he banged his shoe on the desk. In the Video
Encyclopedia you get to see Kruschev acting agitated and pounding the desk
with his fist but not his shoe. There are also a couple of discs full of
animals doing tricks.

This set did get some use when we first bought it ten years ago but it has
dwindled over the last several years.

As I recall this set cost several thousand dollars and in my opinion it
simply wasn't worth it.

Christopher Lewis
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Please respond to

I am curious what videolibbers know about this series,
and what use the cassettes or laser discs have been put to
by faculty, and also what happened to CEI (Corporation for Entertainment
and Learning)
the company that distributed the cassettes and laser discs.
Any info would help -

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