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I thought my prayers had been answered when I discovered data-side disc protectors! Since the industry had opted not to give reasonable protection to optical discs with scratch-resistant plastic or an outer case, something was needed to stop the constant damage. So we tried them. I believe there is only one product - CDefenders and DVDefenders - from Optidisc Inc. I purchased them from Speciality Stores.
The DVDefender did not work on DVDs. The problem is getting them to adhere with no air bubbles or pockets (Optidisc says the bubbles will go away, but they don't). During our first trial we put them on all DVDs. Patrons complained immediately and we discovered why some patrons were not - they were simply removing them themselves. Subsequently, I tried various methods of applying the protectors, using new discs, wiping them carefully with a clean, dry cloth, and trying various ways of smoothing them out (and not). But all DVDs had tracking problems - break up or freeze up. We finally gave up.
I have found that CDefenders do work well on CDs. The difference is probably that DVDs require a much greater data transfer rate and do not have the kind of error tolerance that CDs do.
We certainly hope that an effective DVD protector will be developed. The frequency with which DVDs that get some traffic malfunction is horrendous and has given rise to a sizable cottage industry. Something needs to be done about it.

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>Do any of you (most of you?) use disc protectors for the data side of your
>DVDs and CDs? If so, do they seem to significantly decrease the number of
>scratches and chips? I'd appreciate any information you may have.
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