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Thu, 9 May 2002 14:41:42 -0700 (PDT)

Kenia is absolutely right. There is a particularly nasty "Klez" class of
virus going around right now that uses email spoofing (meaning that it can
infect a computer and send out a message to anyone in the computer's address
book *and* insert one of the other addresses in the "from" line). The upshot
is that a lot of people think they are getting a virus from person "A" when
in fact "person A" just happened to be in the address book of the infected
"person B's" mail program. I'm sure that was Monty Pythonesque enough for
most of you to follow :)


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> There are a large number of viruses floating around the system. Don't
open any email messages with large attachments coming from my account. In
fact, the most straightforward thing is not to open any attachment at all
unless you know for a fact that it was being sent to you specifically. The
current viruses are nasty and they use email addresses that look like people
you may know and they even take subject lines you may have used or received.
So they look legit, but they are NOT!
> Delete them immediately without opening them.
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