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Dear Videonewsies ( sorry for the repost):

Last week, the new documentary IT'S MY LIFE won the Special Award for Human
Rights Awareness, presented by Václav Havel, at the One World International
Human Rights Film Festival (Prague). The festival's jury report praised
the the film:

"This powerful, authentic story of a person, who is not unfamiliar to
various types of suffering himself, carries a powerful message of the power
of the powerless, of the courage of personal sacrifice for the sake of the
other humans whose rights are threatened. The film exceptionally showcases
the defense of human rights and the necessity of global human
responsibility to the world as a whole; a responsibility which would make
it impossible for anyone to take advantage of human progress for the sake
of only a defined group of the privileged." - Jury Report of the 2002 One
World International Human Rights Film Festival (Prague)

And, in another recent victory for the Treatment Action Campaign, which is
profiled in the film, on April 17, 2002 the South African government
announced the most sweeping shift yet in its AIDS policy, offering
state-funded anti-retroviral treatment to rape victims for the first time.
(See New York Times article available online).

Filmed over five months, IT'S MY LIFE follows The HIV positive chairperson
of the Treatment Action Campaign, Zackie Achmat (who has refused to take
anti-retroviral medicines until they are made available by the government
in public hospitals and clinics) as he leads a court battle against the
multi-national drug companies to allow the introduction of cheaper, generic
drugs, and takes on the South African government for it's confusing
policies around HIV/AIDS.

For more information about IT'S MY LIFE, see:

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