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Ask this question on alt.movies.silent. The people there have good
reference tools to know whether silent films exist and if they do, what
archive has them. As you know, the fact that a film may exist does not
necessarily mean that you can get a video copy of it. But, occasionally if
one is willing to travel to the archive, they can set you up with a viewing


At 09:09 AM 4/23/02 -0700, you wrote:
>I believe I touched on this once before and stumped all of you, but
>someone at Lyric Opera of Chicago has asked me for help in possibly
>tracking down a silent film based on the Massenet opera (and Anatole
>France novel) "Thais", made in 1916 by Sam Goldwyn and starring the
>opera singer Mary Garden (it was one of her best roles). Internet Movie
>Database gives 1917 as the release date, and The Motion Picture Guide
>doesn't even recognize its existence (they list one made in 1914 with a
>different cast). I have checked all of the usual video sources, OCLC,
>and various film distribution catalogs, and have found nothing. I am
>guessing that this is one of those films that disintigrated years ago,
>and given that Garden herself was not happy with the film and indicates
>in her autobiography that it was not especially well received, it
>probably never occured to anyone to preserve it. If anyone knows of an
>archival copy anywhere, all leads would be appreciated. For now I am
>working under the assumption that any format would be welcome.
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