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Hi, Susan

Bullfrog, like many distributors, offers a video warranty on all our videos.
Here's the wording from our web site at

To safeguard your investment in Bullfrog videocassettes, we will replace any
damaged, stolen or misplaced Bullfrog VHS videocassette for $25. This
warranty applies as long as the program is offered for sale. Please notify
us of the circumstances.

In addition we charge $6 shipping.

All the best,
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Bullfrog Films
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Toll-Free: 800/543-3764
Voice: 610/779-8226
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RE: Video collection development

Thanks to the fellow who suggested Bullfrog might even = consider replacing our departed videos.  I'd not even considered = that possibility, since it wasn't a defect or deficiency on their = part.  Asking's free, I'll try.