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> Subject: Bicycle Thief -- legit copy?
> An anonymous patron donated a VHS copy of Bicycle Thief.
> Professional-looking cover art says it's a Viking Video Classics release
> from 1986. However, the cassette itself has only 1 label, on top of the
> shell, which reads "Burbank Video." Beneath that, HANDWRITTEN in magic
> marker, is "The Bicycle Thief Subtitled." Is this a legit copy? Print
> quality, sound, and subtitles are pretty bad. We already have BT on DVD so
> I probably shouldn't even add it because of the technical problems alone,
> but I'm really curious if it's a bootleg.
> Probably a but it depends on the SUB titles. The owner of the film in the US
is cranky and VERY litigious guy named Richard Feiner, however his copyright
is complicated and at least until GATT came into force was only on a
particular version released through Corinth Films. Since your copy is likely
some years old it could easily pre-date any Gatt retroactive copyright.
Mr. Feiner's "version" that he did have copyright even prior to GATT on was
SPECIFIC to the SUB Titles. So you would have to compare your copy with the
totally legal copy now out on the Home Vision label. IF the titles are the
same or similar ( trust me similar will do and Kino knows this from PERSONAL
experience) than indeed it is an ILLEGAL copy. If the sub-titles are
substantially different than it could be legal

Isn't this fun? I will add that this is a fairly unique situation and it
does not take this much effort to determine a bootleg

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