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jon aubrey (
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 17:48:19 -0700 (PDT)

Mary Jean et al,
As a teenager I used to watch the Tuesday night
science lineup on New York's PBS station, channel 13.
This consisted of Nova, and Connections (with James
Burke), topped off with Sagan's Cosmos. Cosmos was by
far the least brain taxing of the three shows, but it
may have been the most awe inspiring and "mind
expanding." I have to agree with all who've paid
homage to Sagan's old series on this list. The man may
have come off as a bit loopy with all of his billions
and billions, but Cosmos was always well rooted in
scientific fact and accepted theories. It also nicely
bridges the gap between kiddiecosmos series and more
complex fare for adults. Open minded teens with a
scientific bent might easily latch on to Sagan's
version of The Hitchhiker's Guide... Now work on
getting someone to donate Burke's Connections series.
Just how did a Fifth Century bloodletting device lead
to the invention of the vaccuum tube anyway?

Jon Aubrey,
Queens, NY

> A patron just gave us a collector's edition complete
> set. They were first
> produced in 1980 or so. I have had patrons ask for
> it...but the science is
> over 20 years old.
> Oh Collective Wisdom, do I keep?
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