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Thu, 11 Apr 2002 12:12:59 -0700 (PDT)

Check out "forever" can be a problem-- we do experience loss this way and it
can really sting. However as Kris pointed out many of the higher priced
titles can be replaced rather inexpensively. I have replaced titles from
Bullfrog for under $50--$25 if I remember correctly. Most of the
distributors of the higher priced material will work with you on
replacements, you just have to ask.

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RE: Video collection development

From another public library:  we usually don't = get expensive titles. I bought a few when I had selection duties, but = got burned on a coupla Bullfrog titles that were about $200 apiece and = got checked out forever soon after we acquired them.  We have a = high loss/disappearance rate (I think). This is *not* a machine problem. =


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I echo Kris' thoughts here.  I am from a public = library, and agree that
there are fantastic titles out there that are = expensive.  Do not limit
yourself to the under $30.00 selections.  Your = customers will thank you!

Myles Jaeschke

Tulsa City County Library

I'm sure the public librarians on the list will weigh = in with their
suggestions about how to deal with the cost issue, = but I urge you to set
aside some money for truly exceptional titles that = are more expensive.
It's the only way to assure that your users have = access to the best in
video programing.  And, as you point out, they = won't be at your local
video store.  You're the only game in town for = these programs.