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<< Everything else was removed from the collection. Most of it was sent to
the 16mm Film Preservation Society in Florida. >>

Well, I'll beat Jessica to it, since this is my personal favorite rant.
Though I don't know this particular good samaritan, "Preservation" places
like these are 99.9% scams -- they take the prints and sell them on Ebay for
a profit. From the point of a distributor, many prints are sold to libraries
and universities as leases so they should not be resold -- it goes against
the contract that you have made with the producer or distributor.

If I was in the position of a library wanting to weed out or donate their
collection, I would check my contracts first and offer the prints back to the
existing distributor/producer. For the others, if there's any question or
lack of paperwork, I would offer the prints to a legitimate archive or
library (with proof of non-profit status) first. There are several people on
Videolib (as well as my favorite, the NYPL's Donnell Media Center) who will
provide a good home for these films and actually will do preservation work on
one-of-a-kind prints.

As for the University of Michigan question of evaluating film collections,
the best person in the country at this is Audrey Kupferberg. Her email
address is

The "quality" of the film, the condition and stability of the print, to the
rarity of the 16mm has to be taken into consideration.

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