Re: Video source "Woman to Woman"

Carolyn Hatcher (
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 13:40:25 -0700 (PDT)

Woman to Woman can be obtained from Medical Media Associates call 716-873-3689 and talk to Collette Schoellkopp.

>>> Marilyn Huntley <> 04/09/02 03:59PM >>>
Here's another video search that seems to be going nowhere. A professor
hopes I can help her find a 3-tape video set called "Woman to Woman" by
Aida Pavletich, Laura Blaszkiewics, and Lisa Raymond. It was from Kick Up
Your Heels Productions in 1992. She especially wants Tape 1, which includes
interviews with Monica Palacios, Layce Gardner, Marita Simpson, Sue Ann
Pinner and Lili Lakich.

Does anyone know of a source for renting or purchasing these videos? Thanks
for your help.
Marilyn Huntley

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