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It has been my experience (when I worked for an academic film center) that
it is very important to establish contact with the pr person immediately.
This way, I had no trouble requesting reprints. We never paid for a photo,
but the request did come with some restrictions such as, we could not charge
for our newsletter featuring the photo and we had to give full
permission/copyright statement. Reasonable? Very.

So I would guess, if the faculty member is not planning to make a profit and
it's used for educational purposes, then you may have a good chance of
writing a very purposeful letter to the pr with your intentions, etc. You
may be lucky and receive the photo free.

To my knowledge, many of the studios are listed on the Internet along with
contact personnel.


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One of our faculty members in ethnic studies has asked me a question that
I'm not fully prepared to answer, so I thought I'd asked the more
experienced. Here's his request:

I have heard that there are actually companies that have pr stills for
mainstream Hollywood films and that are able to sell "one time print
rights" of these stills for a reasonable cost. Have you ever heard of
anything along these lines? Or do you have other ideas of how we might go
about acquiring photographs to illustrate a text we are writing?

Thanks in advance for Web or traditional sources I can point this person to.

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