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Tue, 9 Apr 2002 10:16:31 -0700 (PDT)

I don't know about Hollywood but I obtained permission from Japan for the
images in my books in the following ways.

1. For very small images I did a video capture of a sequence and then
selected and reducted a single frame. I used a Mac, iMovie and a Sony media
converter to digitize the video stream.

2. For larger images I used those sent by companies, either as
transparencies, negatives, photographs or images on a CD.

The first step was to send a fax with a request to use specific images to
the rights holder including samples of the captures as part of the fax. In
some cases the company offered different images of a much higher quality.

There are, or used to be, companies that sell reproductions of PR images.
These could be used in conjunction with studio permission for publishing

Scanning from books is usually not advised as the image has been processed
for printing and a scan can result in moires that reduce its quality

For graphics scanning can work if the original is of very high quality and
scanned at high resolution. Then use a program like photoshop to apply a
blur filter to the image to eliminate/reduce the effects of the printing
process. After filtering the image can be adjusted to the size and
resolution the publisher desires.

The cover of my second book, Anime Essentials, uses art processed in this

At 9:32 AM -0700 4/9/02, Barbara Black wrote:
>One of our faculty members in ethnic studies has asked me a question that
>I'm not fully prepared to answer, so I thought I'd asked the more
>experienced. Here's his request:
>I have heard that there are actually companies that have pr stills for
>mainstream Hollywood films and that are able to sell "one time print
>rights" of these stills for a reasonable cost. Have you ever heard of
>anything along these lines? Or do you have other ideas of how we might go
>about acquiring photographs to illustrate a text we are writing?
>Thanks in advance for Web or traditional sources I can point this person to.
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