Re: what's in a name

Julie Dinkins (dinkins@SONOMA.EDU)
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 14:47:05 -0800 (PST)

We've been called the "Multimedia Center" for several years.
Although, I don't think the addition of the "multi" really means
anything. At least it distinguishes us from the "Media Services" folk
on our campus, who deliver equipment to classrooms and labs.

And it's true that patrons don't confuse us with news organizations.


Julie Dinkins
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>Unlike some of the other responses, I think "media" is the more dated, library
>school term, and to the general public it means news reporting rather than
>non-book materials. Since we changed our name from "Film & Video Center" to
>"Media Express" (ask the administration what the Express means), we
>are getting
>an increase of misdirected phone calls and patrons in person, all looking for
>the newspapers.
>"Schauer, Amy" wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Our library is completing a major building remodel and we need to have a
>> sign fabricated for the entrance of our new A/V room. This is our chance to
>> choose the very best term for this room, which we'll also use as a locator
>> in the catalog. The VHS videos, DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks on tape and CD,
>> and CD-roms are all housed in this room. We've considered:
>> * Media Center,
>> * Audio-Video Room,
>> * Audio-Visual Room.
>> None of them strike us as perfect. Has anyone out there hit on a better
>> term?
>> thanks in advance for your suggestions,
>> Amy E. S. Schauer
>> Events / Audio-Visual Librarian
>> West Linn Public Library
>> 1595 Burns Street
>> West Linn, Oregon 97068
>> ph.: 503.656.7853 ext. 18
> > fax: 503.656.2746
>John Holland
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