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Wed, 27 Mar 2002 08:35:25 -0800 (PST)

Lamentably, "audio-visual" has some old connotations but it is a noble,
innocuous phrase and encompasses it all. We deal with things audio and
"Media" is a term that to the populace more accurately identifies news
organizations such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and so on and sometimes has
derogatory associations with it.

Oh well.

Trent Nicholas
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
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Our library is completing a major building remodel and we need to have a
sign fabricated for the entrance of our new A/V room. This is our chance to
choose the very best term for this room, which we'll also use as a locator
in the catalog. The VHS videos, DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks on tape and CD,
and CD-roms are all housed in this room. We've considered:
* Media Center,
* Audio-Video Room,
* Audio-Visual Room.

None of them strike us as perfect. Has anyone out there hit on a better

thanks in advance for your suggestions,

Amy E. S. Schauer
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