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Dear Marcia,

if you did not yet succeed in locating the video "LA LECON" here are
some infos. The TV station in Europe John mentioned was DANMARKS RADIO.
The film won "Prix Italia" in 1963 for the best music (Georges Delerue
is the famous film composer of the Nouvelle Vague in the sixties in
Prix Italia for original musical programmes
La lecon, ballet and choreography by Flemming Flindt, music by
Delerue adapted from the play by Eugene lonesco. Danmarks Radio

Here are some more precise dates concerning the emission of DANMARKS
RADIO and the performance in the Royal Theatre of Copenhagen in 1962/63:

1963, 16 jan. "Enetime". Choréographie créée par Flemming Flindt au
Théâtre Royal de
Copenhague pour la télévision danoise. Mise en scène: Eugène Ionesco.
Musique: Georges
Delerue. Scénographie et costumes: Jens-Jacob Worsaae. Danseurs:
Flemming Flindt (le maître de ballet), Josette Amiel, Tsilla Chelton)
(found here: )

The danish word ENETIME means PRIVATE LESSON.

You might contact DANMARKS RADIO and try to get a copy.
Kontakt, TV-byen, 2860 Søborg. Tlf: +45 35 20 30 40. E-mail:

With kind regards
Peter Delin/Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin

John Holland schrieb:
> There was a TV studio production of "The Lesson" with Flindt himself in it
> which aired many years ago (at least 20) on PBS, but I have never seen a
> video release of it nor do I recall what TV station produced it (it probably
> came from Europe, so I doubt if any PBS affiliates could help you now). The
> only listings in WorldCat are some archival videos at NY Public Library.
> "Marcia M. Parsons" wrote:
> > Hello Videolibers,
> > Here are two I need badly: Jerome Robin's "The Cage and
> > A Danish choreographer named Flemming Flindt created a piece called "La
> > Lecon", based on Ionesco's absurdist play "The Lesson". Do any videos of
> > this exist
> > Many thanks, Marcia at UT Austin
> >
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