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R. Hertzler (
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:09:23 -0800 (PST)

Hey, all. Here's one I'm looking for a distributor--in VHS or DVD--for.
Anybody have a suggestion--maybe someone *in* California? ;)

Randy Hertzler
University of Washington Libraries

Bajo California: El Lmite del Tiempo (Under California, the Limit of Time)
Mexico, 1998, 96 min
directed by Carlos Bolado
When Damian, a successful environmental artist, accidently kills a
pregnant woman crossing the Mexico-California border, he flees his wife
and the imminent birth of his own child. Inconsolable in his grief, he
journeys to his ancestral homeland in Baja, California. Disoriented by
heat and hunger, Damian stumbles through the desert and climbs into the
Sierra Mountains, journeying to the largest mural cave paintings in the
world. On his way, he confronts the ghosts of Jesuit missionaries and
indigenous peoples, his own mortality, and finds a revived passion for
existence. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature at the 1999 San
Francisco International Film Festival and for Best Picture at the Ariels,
Mexico's premier film awards.