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Dear Katherine:
If you can afford to do so, go for it. What we do here at Bronx CC is to
provide each Instructor across the curriculum of our mediagraphy that
pertains to their specific courser. Our collection is course-content based.
By this I mean the following: There is a course entitled HISTORY 10 which is
taught here at BCC. We take a look at the course syllabus, the table of
contents of the text the department is using, and then match up AV materials
already in our collection to each of the chapter/unit of the text and course
syllabi. We then run it by the Instructor for editing and or
exclusion/inclusion. If there is a title they want to preview, we order for
such and if approved for purchase, we buy with the incentive to have the
Instructor add it to their syllabus. We are currently non-circulating-not
because we find this adequate for our environment but because our budget,
and the cost of AV materials for academic institutions is high.

LaRoi Lawton, Director
The Gerald S. Lieblich Learning Resource Center
Library & Learning Resources Department
Bronx Community College
Bronx, NY 10453

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> Has anyone had the experience of changing from a closed, non-circulating
video collection to a circulating one? We are thinking about making the
change to make better use of our collection. Your thoughts would be helpful.