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In the province of British Columbia, we have a media showcase once a year,
Fast Forward. K-12 School districts send teachers who are subject
specialists who preview for
their District. A few of the districts share their evaluations after &
benefit from each others'
The Ministry of Education, which sets the curriculum for K-12 also sends
When they wish to include a visual resource in a course, they write into
the curriculum
that the program is "recommended". If they find a visual resource that is
satisfactory but
there isn't a need for it in the provincial curriculum, they rate the
program "supplementary",
and at least the schools know that the program has been positively evaluated. lists both

At the post-secondary level, some faculty attend Fast Forward who are
subject specialists. Also the
media librarians and media centre staff attend. Almost no organization can
afford to
purchase educational materials with PPR unless the programs are previewed,
so this
opportunity is a valuable one. We have a provincial licensing body, called
AEMAC which
summarizes the programs which are nominated for provincial inclusion & make
this list
available to its constituents.
URL's are in my signature file, below.

At 02:18 PM 02/03/19, you wrote:

>I am wondering if any folks out there use teachers to help preview
>materials to add to the existing collection. Our center(K-12 regional) has
>4 preview sessions a year, with a variety of levels, subjects and schools
>represented. They work in teams(of like areas) and preview materials. They
>fill out forms and then I make the last decision. What I am wondering is
>if there are other models out there which are working well?
>Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!
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