Interepretation of use agreement and US distribution for Louis

Karen Driessen (
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:25:19 -0800 (PST)

We have a sales contract for a 16mm print from New Yorker Films for
Phantom India which states "Purchaser shall have non-exclusive right to
exhibit this print for use in connection with its educational programs or
projects and for no other purpose." It goes on to say "Purchases warrants
and agrees that it will not (a) use any print for any purpose other than
those for which licensed; (b) exhibit any print in any place of public or
private entertainment or at any performance where an admission fee is
charged; (c) televise or permit the television of any print for any purpose
What is the consensus on these questions: What happens to this contract
with New Yorker when it no longer has the distribution rights for this
fiilm? ( I only found this out because I phoned them). Second question:
Would a lecture series sponsored by several depts. on campus qualify under
"educational programs or projects under (a)? And does place of
entertainment in (b) include a campus theatre that is used for large
lecture classes as well as a venue for live performances considered a place
of entertainment or an instructional facility even though no admission fee
is being charged and the venue is an educational lecture series?

Also, does anyone know who might have the US distribution rights for
this? We own 16 mm copies but would be interested to know if it is
available elsewhere in VHS or DVD?

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