Video archiving (fwd)

Jeffrey W. Pearson (
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 11:25:53 -0800 (PST)

Hello, I received this inquiry about video archiving, and wonder if
any of you have anything to share about trends in archiving or
preserving magnetic video media, or any of his concerns. Thank you!

-Jeff Pearson

>I work in the area of mathematics education and we have a large
>collection of video tapes (high 8 and vhs) of classroom teaching and
>teacher and student artifacts (notebooks of various sorts) from
>'89-'90 that we use for research, workshops, and for instruction -
>we have also been accumulating other video in the last few years
>(mainly mini-DV). So we have three primary concerns: how to preserve
>the early materials, how to preserve the later materials, and how to
>make the materials available (some good working representation of
>the contents but not the originals). We have some knowledge about
>the last (mainly digitizing and have been doing some work around
>this - but even that has tradeoffs which we are still exploring),
>but few about the first (and are hoping if we do a good job on the
>first and third, the second will fall somewhat in line). For
>example, there has been some discussion about effectively
>re-mastering our earlier data within some digital media - but the
>most reasonable way (or even what it would mean to be reasonable) of
>doing this is not obvious. Anyway, we are a bit like fish out of
>water (smile).
> At the moment we are in the process of making a proposal to NSF
>who definitely has an interest in this (although more, I think, from
>the viewpoint of dissemination), and we are in need of some pointers
>(and names of people/organizations who are involved in similar
>concerns) toward some rational ways of taking all this on.

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