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Or live in Tulsa as I do. To really learn more about this incident visit
our website.

The film being discussed is not done well at all. PBS did a documentary
call Goin' Back to T-Town which is by far better. Another doc. that is
well done is called the Night Tulsa Burned (A&E) which specifically deals
with the riot of '21. In addition to those two titles, we also circulate a
60 minutes (Tulsa Burning) episode on the race riot and two local news
productions too. I have viewed Black Wall Street--we do not circulate it
because of its poor quality. This incident is a very sad chapter in our
city's history. People went out of their way to cover this up. So much so
that newspapers are missing from the archives both here at the library and
at the Tulsa Tribune, the former afternoon paper here. To this day there is
an unknown death toll.

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Myles Jaeschke
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A person would have to know a little about race relations in American
History during the 1920s to understand this documentary.
Short version: "the film traces the demise of a prosperous African American
community in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921." But, it's more than that. Think
Rosewood, the movie. In a nutshell, African Americans who had migrated to
Oklahoma were not only segregated, but were able to prosper and build
successful businesses--thus the name "Black Wall Street."

Of course, hard and desperate times can make people do crazy things. The
final result, poor whites were outraged that black people could be
successful and prosper, while they fell on hard times. So, the next thing
you have is a white angry mob going into this community and burning it down.
Lives lost on both side. That's the short end of it. I hope it's a little
helpful. The accompany book is pretty good and details what you miss in the

Monique Threatt

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I have no helpful information to offer, but am not familiar with this film
-- can anybody fill me in on what it's about, etc.?

Ben Achtenberg

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