Re: Non-mainstream animated film sources?
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 08:53:05 -0800 (PST)

Dear Ellen,
We have several works on video that fit the bill:

Lotte Reiniger's "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" The first feature animated
film (1926, silent with full orchestral score) based on The Arabian Nights.
It also comes with a short Nivea Cream commercial she did in the 1920s and an
hour-long documentary on her.

Ladislaw Starewicz's "The Cameraman's Revenge and Other Fantastic Tales"
which has six restored short films from 1912 to 1956 of the great puppet
animator. It's very surreal and wonderful work.

"John Canemaker: Marching to a Different Toon" is four short films and other
work by the American independent animator who is also a leading animation

"Animation Legend: Winsor McCay" features the complete existing work of the
pioneer cartoonist and animator with such classics as Gertie the Dinosaur and
Little Nemo.

You can read more about these by going to our website at <A
HREF=""></A> and/or check
out the press information site where you can download five to ten pages of
information on each of these videos.

And then there's our two newest works that are available for institutional
use now and will be out on home video later in the year:

"Cut-Up: The Films of Grant Munro" which I'll quote from the box cover I'm
writing since it's our newest project:
To see the work of Grant Munro — whether as animator, documentarian,
actor, dancer, editor, cinematographer, and general provocateur — is to
discover a filmmaker of unequaled talent. His talent, humor, charm, art, and
all-out goofiness have graced the world of cinema for over forty years. He is
a combination of Picasso, Keaton, Chuck Jones, Gene Kelly and Felix the Cat.
There is no one else like Grant Munro.

Hired by Norman McLaren and collaborating with the legendary animator on some
of his best-known work, Grant Munro’s films have been nominated twice for
Oscars® (winning for their amazing Neighbours), and have won prizes at film
festivals around the world. Included on Cut-Up are the animated classics
Three Blind Mice, Neighbours, Two Bagatelles, Christmas Cracker, Canon, Toys,
and The Animal Movie. Also included is Munro’s hilarious work in live-action
films including The Ballot-o-Maniac, Ashes of Doom and Boo Hoo.

Best of all are two works by Munro and McLaren that were shot but never
completed, Six and Seven Eighths and On the Farm. Compiled by the National
Film Board of Canada, they make their world premieres here.

And then, there's The Mystery of Picasso which is a documentary starring
Picasso painting, but what is unusual is that they use stop-motion animation
to create the look that the painting is done before your eyes.

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