Empty VHS shells

Deg Farrelly (DEG.FARRELLY@asu.edu)
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 17:40:16 -0800 (PST)

Polyline Corp (http://www.polylinecorp.com) carries a full line of packaging
and duplication materials for all types of media.

I have used their products for 20 years or more.

Their 5 minute blank VHS tapes run as cheap at $.64 each (about half of what
the other suppliers mentioned charge.)

Those tapes may come with T-30 minute reels tho. So worth asking if they
can supply with larger reels.

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> Topic No. 2
> Date: 3 Mar 2002 20:11:44 -0800
> From: tcarwile@suite101.com
> To: VIDEOLIB@library.berkeley.edu
> Subject: Empty VHS shells
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> I recently purchased fifty empty VHS shells from a tape store in New York
> called the Tape Center. We are using the them to repair a huge number of
> videos that come back cracked outer shells/windows.
> Does anyone know of another company that sells empty shells? They are
> also sometimes called T-0 video tapes.
> Thanks in advance for your assistance.
> Tina Carwile
> Audiovisual Librarian
> Carson Regional Library
> County of Los Angeles Public Library