Re: Streaming Video

Claire Dougherty (
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 07:13:57 -0800 (PST)

We have been streaming the entire Video Encyclopedia of the Twentieth
Century to our campus as MPEG1 since 1999. It may be of interest to
others that the current owners, Sunrise Media, are actively seeking a
method to distribute the VE digitally to other institutions.

>>We are @ Northwestern and would also be interesting in corresponding
>>with others...
>> >Hey, who's currently streaming video of any kind, either on a
>> >college campus or
>> >in a community? Who's streaming portions of feature films? If you are, or
>> >know someone who is, I'd like to speak/correspond with you, or her, or him.
>> >
>> >Cheers,
>> >
>> >Tripp Reade
>>M. Claire Dougherty
>>Head, Digital Media Services
>>Northwestern University Library
>>(847) 467-1437

M. Claire Dougherty
Head, Digital Media Services
Northwestern University Library
(847) 467-1437