Re: Damage caused by DVD cases

R. Hertzler (
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 09:37:31 -0800 (PST)

Hi, Lorraine and others. We've noticed this problem for over two years
now. Unfortunately, there are about 5 or 6 styles of DVD case in use out
there, the worst of which is designed to have the center spindle "hang on"
for dear life unless you depress it from the center. Our users (and who
can blame them), who are used to CD cases designed to have you simply pry
out the disc, pry these babies out and it takes relatively few uses before
the thing sends out a crack radially from the center into the data. Of
couse, then the disc is effectively destroyed.

We considered a program of repackaging DVDs that came in the offending
cases, but after taking a hard look at the whole
ordering-receiving-cataloging-marking-shelving-circulating workflow, it
seemed the cost of repackaging everything outweighed the benefit, and
we've decided to just replace the item when this happens the way we would
a VHS tape that got chawed in someone's player.

It's still galling and makes you want to throttle the producers of this
type of case (another anti-libraries/anti-high-circ plot in cahoots
with production companies??!!), but in the big picture it really ends up
impacting a relatively small percentage of our overall collection. That's
our story . . .

Randy Hertzler
University of Washington Libraries
Seattle, WA

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Lorraine wrote:

> Dear All,
> Would any of you mind sharing your thoughts on how to prevent damage caused
> by DVD cases? We have a growing collection on DVDs and they can be checked
> out. Recently we found that many of these DVDs (specially the popular
> ones) are broken/damaged in the ring area in the middle. We suspect that
> it is caused by the forcible pulling of the DVD out from its case. Buying
> replacement copy is not the ultimate solution. We are now considering
> replacing these DVDs into the VCD cases which seems safer for the
> discs. Perhaps clients are more familiar to VCD cases than DVD
> cases. What do you think?
> Any idea will be highly appreciated.
> Lorraine Lok
> AV Librarian
> University of Hong Kong Libraries
> Pokfulam Road
> Hong Kong