Re: Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (1946)
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<< It is apparently a
1946 Audio Brandon release of a Russian film made in the late 1930s.
Does anyone on the list know how I can contact Audio Brandon? >>

The ony way to contact the company or the owner (Tom Brandon) is to set up a
seance. Audio-Brandon was bought out by Films Inc who is now leasing
everything to Cowboy Booking, but I'm sure that this film did not carry over.

Rick is probably right that the film is in the PD, but if the Russian film
isn't -- and the question of Russian copyright changes daily-- he might have
to find the original title and contact the producer (which I can help with,
if you get me the title). That is, if he wants to follow the letter of the
law, which I always suggest. (Being in the middle of a very, very painful and
costly clearance for the music rights to Killer of Sheep.)

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