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There are a few consumer/fan-oriented DVD websites that *do* provide
information about sides (and layers)... but of course you may have to scan
them all to get some discs here, others there, and never everything you may
be looking for.

Try these:
* Under their "Coming Releases", each film entry provides "disc format"
information that often includes number of sides--but not always.
* Their disc reviews provide side information.
* Their disc reviews provide side information.

Hope this helps...


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> Is there any way to tell before you order a feature film on DVD whether it
> is single-sided or double-sided? Our Processing Department is struggling
> to even fit our barcode number on the "doughnut" of a double-sided disc.
> They are not even trying to use the 3M tag. If we could tell ahead of
> time, we would limit our purchases of double-sided DVDs to titles
> essential to the collection.
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