Re: pricing for out-of-print materials

Jerry Notaro (
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 08:16:43 -0800 (PST)

Jan O'Neill wrote:

> I'm the Media Librarian for a four campus community college and need to know what you charge for out-of-print videos, music CDs and audio cassettes? So far, it hasn't been to much of a problem as the students had to use the materials in the media services area. However, we now want to start letting the students take some of them out over night. Our pilot program at the smallest campus went well - all materials were returned in good condition, and the students were thrilled to be able to take at least some of our collection home. I anticipate that we will, sooner or later, have to charge a student for damaged or lost items. The latest Bowker's print resource I have is dated 1995, and I can't find any information in it. So, if anyone has set prices for these items or a systematic way to figure a fair price to charge and would send me that information, it would be a great help.

Our policy is to bill for what the item originally cost.

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