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Hi Peter,
We (videolib) touched on this some time ago and I'm glad it has been brought
up again. TCCL was using the 3M strips and getting several complaints about
playback problems. 3M also assured us that they don't interfere. They are
WRONG. We quit placing the 3M strips on our DVDs -- the complaints stopped.
Unfortunately our DVD collection is unprotected from theft, but at least
they can be played by all users.

The 3M "donut" style strip we have not had problems regarding playback.
However, 3M said that the exit gates would need an upgrade and are the donut
strips are not as sensitive as their traditional strips.

One other interesting note--I rented a DVD from Blockbuster (don't flog me)
not too long ago and noticed the style of strip that they were using on
their discs was similar to the 3M style, but it seemed to lay flatter on the
disc. It posed no problems on my machine. It would be interesting to know
what brand of strip this is and if they have playback complaints.

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Hi all,

I'm wondering what experience other libraries are having with defective
DVDs. We're having quite a few show up here that patrons report as
unplayable. They have no visible physical damage, but either won't load or
play for a while and then the picture breaks up. We're using 3M overlays
for security. Possible causes we've come up with: manufacturing defects,
disc/player incompatibility, playback interference from security strips on
3M overlays, instability caused by the 3M overlays. Comments on possible
causes: If manufacturing defects were as widespread as our problem seems to
indicate, we'd have heard about it by now (wouldn't we?); it doesn't seem at
all likely that DVDs would play on some machines but not on others; 3M
swears up and down that security strips shouldn't interfere with playback;
the overlays are so lightweight it doesn't seem likely they'd cause an
imbalance. So we're kinda stumped. Is anyone else having a similar
experience, and if so do you have a surefire explanation for it?

Thanks in advance for all replies,]


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